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Respectfully hearing each other’s voice


Sr Louise McKeogh Catholic Outlook June 2012 Reflection
Sr Louise McKeogh FMA: “I would like to think we could all find a real way of listening to each other’s voice.” Photo: Alphonsus Fok & Grace Lu

Sr Louise McKeogh Catholic Outlook June 2012 Reflection
Catholic Diocese of Parramatta Social Justice Coordinator Sr Louise McKeogh FMA.
From Sr Louise McKeogh FMA's National Reconciliation Week reflection,
Catholic Outlook June 2012

On a recent train journey I was pleased that three Indigenous young people were in the carriage. They were talking out loud and so I couldn’t help but share their profound conversation.

It was a most interesting conversation, one of the young people stated that their mother had grown up on an Aboriginal mission and despite the difficulties of that, she expected that her parent would, “get on with life, have friends and get a good job”.

She went on to say that when she has her own children, and when they grow up if they did not respect her she would “thump them”.

I did not explore with her what this meant but I was fascinated again by the concept of parenting being handed on and shaped and formed by the experiences of the previous generation.

I was reminded that I can never know another’s story or expect them to have the experiences and be formed in the same way that I was formed.

I was also reminded of the wise words of my Indigenous friend from Ernabella, a wise and cultured woman named Tjinkulma. She used to tell me in language – Napitji Napitji: “I teach you – you teach me.”

The words express the concept of a mutual exchange from which we both can learn and are both the richer.

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