Padre Pio Glenmore Park

Remembering our Loved Ones




On the last Friday of November, the month of the Church's liturgical year, the faithful departed are remembered in personal prayer and at Mass. 

Parishioners gathered together at today's 9:00am Mass to remember family and friends who have died.

As four large candles were lit we were reminded that:

           In our darkness, we light a candle,

           In our sadness, we light a candle of hope,

           For our healing, we light a candle of faith,

           In our remembering, we light a candle of thanks.

We prayed that 'as fire is now brought to these candles, may they glow with the light of Christ. May we also bring the fire of love to this time of remembrance'

Fr Chris then invited all present to light a small candle while praying for their relative or friend - placing it near the four candles already burning.

Parishioners who had died during the year and those whose funeral had been from the Parish were included as a number of parishioners lit a candle for them. Reflective music was uplifting and mediatative, gently moving one's focus to the eternal, our eternal home, already prepared for us.

Afterwards, many found time to stay and have monring tea together.




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