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Planning in the Church: From the New Testament to today


Faith in Our Future News Story

From the Faith in Our Future Blog of Diocesan Pastoral Planning Officer Daniel Ang

Over the past eighteen months, there has been great interest in our developing Diocesan Pastoral Plan across the country and in other dioceses as people hear of the consultations that took place last year and the recommendations that have been developed throughout this year.

The strengthening of a planning culture in our Church is important and a healthy development for a number of reasons.

Planning allows the Church to respond to changing demographics in our pastoral outreach and services, to take a pro-active stance towards the future, to draw on the individual wisdom and imagination of members toward a communal vision, and to focus resources on priorities as we seek to live the Gospel mission in a new time.

Planning recognises the challenges for discipleship in the present and can also plant seeds of hope for the years of ministry and mission to come.

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