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Papal Knighthood for Executive Director of Schools


Greg Whitby Papal Knighthood News Story
Bishop Anthony presents Greg Whitby with the Order of St Gregory.

Originally published by Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta

Executive Director of Schools in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta, Greg Whitby, has received a Papal Knighthood for his contribution to Catholic education.

The Bishop of Parramatta, Most Rev Anthony Fisher OP, presented Mr Whitby with the Papal Knighthood at Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta’s Silver Jubilee celebration on Friday 9 November at St Andrew’s Primary in Marayong.

Mr Whitby has been the Executive Director of Schools in the Diocese of Parramatta since 2005 and was Director of Schools in the Wollongong Diocese from 1999 to 2005.

The Knighthood in the Order of St Gregory the Great was originally founded by Pope Gregory XVI in 1831 and is awarded to acknowledge an individual’s meritorious service in the Church.

St Oliver Plunkett’s Harris Park Priest Fr Arthur Bridge read the citation, saying the honour 'recognised Greg’s contribution to Catholic education and his work in reframing schooling for a contemporary world.'

"I am quite humbled by this recognition," Mr Whitby said. "The work we do in Catholic education and in responding to the changing nature of schooling would not be possible without the blessing of Bishop Anthony and indeed the other three Bishops I have worked with.

"Some people are surprised that our Catholic schools are leading such a progressive agenda in education, but it make sense," he said.

"Catholic schools are called to be different. It’s in our DNA. We can’t just maintain the status quo; we have to challenge the norms and continually look to how we can improve the experience of schooling for the young people in our care; how we can make schooling more relevant and purposeful so the next generation is equipped to transform for the world for the better."

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