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Jacarandas a reminder Advent is coming


Sr Louise McKeogh FMA
Sr Louise McKeogh FMA.

CathBlog of Sr Louise McKeogh FMA, Social Justice Coordinator for the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

The jacaranda tree in our back yard has been in full bloom. Every day over the past three weeks, someone from our community has had to sweep up the carpet of purple flowers that cover our back yard.

Each morning the car has been covered with a purple sprinkling, but in the rush to get to work a quick swish of the wipers has to suffice to flick them away.

For me, what has been most striking about being back in Sydney is the purple hue of the jacarandas at this time of year. Nature seems to be reminding me with its vibrant purple that Advent is coming, its purple covering preparing for this Sunday's Feast of Christ the King.

In human colour psychology, purple is also associated with royalty and nobility, stemming from classical antiquity when only the elite could afford purple dye. The Gospel for Christ the King tells us that Christ’s Kingdom is to bring forth the reign of God. It says his was a leadership to inspire, empower and transform our lives.

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