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Benedict XVI legacy: Pope of reason and reconciliation


From Rome Reports

With his resignation, Pope Benedict XVI reinforced that his nearly eight-year pontificate has broken barriers. His decision is likely to influence the future of his successors and the Church.

Joseph Ratzinger has been the Pope of all essential. He will go down in history as a great preacher that made the content of faith available to many types of people.

During his seven years, Benedict XVI has avoided being at the centre of conversation. His goal is to spread knowledge of the Gospel: that Jesus truly existed and he is one with God. He spent his spent time writing his trilogy “Jesus of Nazareth.”

He has also spent a considerable amount of energy towards reconciliation. He reached out to the victims of sexual abuse. He also outreached to Muslim leaders, to the traditional Lefebvrians, and perhaps one of his biggest legacies, reconciliation between faith and reason.

He has also modernised the Papacy by resigning with the strength of mind and body to show that it is a conscious decision taken on his own free will.

It sets a precedent for future successors to step down when they deem it necessary.

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