Padre Pio Glenmore Park

Master Builders praise cornerstone of Padre Pio Parish

Padre Pio Church Glenmore Park

First published online at the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta site, November 2010

Padre Pio Parish Church – hailed as a new landmark for the local Glenmore Park community when it opened just prior to Christmas last year – has received further accolades from the Master Builders Association (MBA) at its 2010 Excellence in Construction Awards.

Built by Zadro Constructions between December 2008 and December 2009, the church was named a winner at the MBA’s 2010 awards in the category of ‘Pubic Buildings costing $3 million and over’.

Initially designed to be ‘prayerful, aesthetically pleasing, practical, dynamic and flexible to accommodate the future’, Padre Pio Church received high praise from the MBA awards judge for overcoming logistical and technical issues during its construction, as well as for the project's accelerated completion date in order to coincide with the Parish’s 2009 Christmas celebrations.

The judge, however, saved special mention for the Glenmore Park Parish community’s involvement in the project.

“This building contract was unique in that many of the works and materials to the church were either donated or undertaken by the local community, including the supply and installation of appliances, fire services, and the granite used for the baptistery floor, altar area and steps and borders,” the judge’s comments read.