Padre Pio Glenmore Park

Catholic Outlook: 'Padre Pio Opens'

Catholic Outlook: 'Padre Pio Opens'
Stained glass image from inside Padre Pio Church, Glenmore Park.

By Viriginia Knight

(Originally published in Catholic Outlook April 2010)

Padre Pio Parish at Glenmore Park resounded with sounds of joyful celebration as more than 1000 parishioners celebrated the long-awaited dedication of their new church on 14 February this year.

Bishop Kevin Manning was the principal celebrant at the Mass, which was concelebrated by the parish priest, Fr Kevin Lee, and priests from the Diocese of Parramatta.

Under the direction of Gilbert Grech, an 80-voice choir led the congregation through an uplifting two-hour liturgy. Parishioner Cecilia Zammit said there was a great sense of community in the parish. “After weeks of preparation it all came together in this wonderful liturgy.”

Afterwards, the community of Glenmore Park filled to capacity the piazza and outdoor areas to celebrate and share an informal lunch together in the grounds of their new church.   

It was a chance to enjoy the fruits of months of tireless endeavour by numerous volunteers who have given their time and talents to carry, landscape, paint, cook, clean and support each other in the lead-up to the dedication.

Lynn Young is a founding member of the parish. “We are overjoyed to have a permanent space that is large enough for the whole parish to celebrate weekend Masses without having to convert halls or classrooms into a sacred space every Saturday afternoon.”

While is has been a long journey spanning 15 years, Padre Pio Parish now has a church that can meet the needs of its growing and vibrant Catholic community.

Fr Kevin Lee said the work of preparing the final stages of the planning was done by an army of willing and generous parish volunteers. “For the community of Glenmore Park this is a day of great rejoicing.”