Padre Pio Glenmore Park

Catholic Outlook: 'An architectural view'

Padre Pio Church artist's impression
Divine artist's impression of the Padre Pio Church in Glenmore Park prior to the church's construction.

An architectural view by
John O’Brien Architects

(Originally published in Catholic Outlook, Dec 2008/Jan 2009)

Padre Pio Church will be clearly identifiable as an ecclesiastical building, with the design based on traditional lines and approved by Fr Peter Williams, Director of Liturgy in the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta.

It will make a significant statement, especially when viewed from the regional shopping centre on the next ridge line to the west.

The church will accommodate 600 parishioners, however, with folding doors this can expand to accommodate 1,100 within the narthex and side courtyards. This will allow for larger gatherings for major liturgical services and school Masses.

Behind the sanctuary there will be a meditative garden, while in front of the entrance a piazza will allow for social gatherings and a campanile will give prominence to the space.

The church and car park will be surrounded by significant landscaping as a continuation of the adjoining urban forest and to soften the impact of the development.

A recent demographic study has projected a Catholic community of 6,000 over the next few years in Glenmore Park.

The new church will be ready for this expansion in a setting that is prayerful, aesthetically pleasing, practical, dynamic and flexible to accommodate the future.